Matthew Brecknell

About me

I am a programmer living in Brisbane, Australia. I enjoy learning, using and talking about functional programming techniques and languages. I sometimes dabble in type theory, logic and algebra. I’m still looking for a composable way to make concurrent programs.

I formerly helped organise the Brisbane Functional Programming Group.

I enjoy keeping fit with yoga, swimming, cycling, rowing, and multi-day walks in bitterly cold wilderness. I recently married my soul-mate, Birgit.


I’m on email, and various places that know people by email addresses. And I’m mbrcknl on Twitter, GitHub, YouTube and some other places. I’m also on LinkedIn and Google+.

My PGP key is available here, on, and on some keyservers. If you have a DNSSEC validating resolver, you can use GnuPG’s PKA support to fetch the key and verify its authenticity.


Photograph courtesy of Penelope Sanderson. Used with permission.